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Please provide the best contact information to reach you in the event of an emergency. You will be notified of emergencies or disasters in and around your neighborhood, if they occur.  Contact information you provide will not be shared or used for any purpose other than emergency notification.

Opt-in Citizen Alert! Emergency Notification

The City of Ashland launches Citizen Alert! Emergency Notification System


Citizen Alert! is a powerful communication tool that can help save lives.  The system enables City and County officials to quickly provide emergency information such as the evacuation of buildings and neighborhoods due to fire, floods, gas leaks etc.  In the event of an emergency, officials can use the system to rapidly notify residents and businesses in the affected area.


I strongly encourage all Ashland residents and businesses to opt-in and register their contact information," said Fire Chief John Karns. "Telephone land lines are already in the system, but many people don't have a landline or aren't home to answer it when an emergency occurs. By providing complete contact information including cell phone numbers, work phone numbers and email addresses, we can alert you quickly, and continue to alert you until you confirm you received the message. Residents can also choose to be notified about events affecting locations besides their home, such as their place of business, children's schools, parents' home, or other locations within Jackson County."


Jackson County secured Federal funds to provide this service.  Ashland is partnering with Jackson County and Medford will share in the operating expenses.


Opt-in and register at  For more information contact Ashland Fire and Rescue at 541-482-2770.

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