Network Status

AFN Network is functioning normally.

If you're having connectivity issues at your home here are some simple steps you can perform:

1) Make sure all coax fittings are tight
2) Unplug your router if using one from the electrical outlet
3) Unplug your modem from the electric outlet
(While there copy down the MAC number on the back for later reference)
4) Wait 3-5 minutes
5) Plug modem back into electric outlet
6) Wait 3-5 minutes
7) Plug router back into electric outlet

If your connectivity issues continue please contact your ISP who has online tools to check your modem's performance.

If the ISP believes there is an issue with AFN wiring outside of your home,
the ISP will create a trouble ticket to dispatch AFN techs out to your neighborhood on the next business day.

Ashland Home Net 541-488-9207

Computer Country 541-772-2170

Infostructure 541-488-1962

Jeffnet 541-482-9988

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